Long-Term Care Planning

Medicaid Planning

On the surface, the chief difference between Medicare and Medicaid is this: Medicaid has very little homecare benefit. It’s not to say that one doesn’t exist, but it is very limited and varies from state to state. One significant difference between Medicare versus Medicaid is that Medicare is a federal program, a government option if you will, that has zero state variance.

Medicaid on the other hand is funded 50% by the federal government and 50% by the individual states. Administratively speaking, Medicaid is 100% state-run. In a nutshell, Medicaid is a Federal program but controlled locally. Because the Federal Government allows individual states to control things, this causes many variances from state to state. Is there any wonder why this is a confusing and complex program?

A Quick Look At Medicaid Benefits

Medicaid has very limited homecare and assisted living benefits. However, in some states, benefits are increasing under a program called the Assisted Living Waiver. Medicaid is by far the dominant payer source for nursing home care in most states. With this being the case, the reimbursement rate for the nursing homes becomes the expected payment that nursing homes gauge their profitability on.

Typically, a payment below the reimbursement rate will eventually bleed profits.

The Big Medicaid Myth

Like most folklore and myths, someone, somehow, somewhere started a rumor that Medicaid is for poor broke people. Nothing could be further form the actual truth. As a matter of fact, over 50% of people in nursing homes are on Medicaid. Does that mean that 50% of people in a nursing home are poor? Hardly!

So in its purest form, Medicaid is the Long-Term Care avenue of payment for most people in middle-class America with assets ranging from $100,000 to $1 million!

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